Zac Efron’s dick

Originally posted at MimicLives.com

zac_efronThere may be pictures of Zac Efron’s dick floating around the web. Who cares? Scarlett Johansson tits are all over the place, as are Kat Denning’s and possibly Christina Hendricks (though many people don’t believe it’s her), so his dick floating around the web is no big deal. Maybe to 12 year old girls who worship him and haven’t seen a dick, but honestly unless he has a face growing out of it, why would anyone be interested? Just because he’s a celebrity? Who gives a shit. I saw the pics of Kat and Scarlett and was less than impressed. On the screen you can’t help but want to see them undressed but once they are, you realize they look just like everyone else you see naked on the web. Unless he has a small circus troupe coming out of the end of his dick, this is likely not newsworthy.

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